I’m about to shoot off a letter to the FDA and the CPSA (Consumer Product Safety Commission) requesting an explanation on two things.

First:  The recall of the Kinder Eggs in 1997 that started this whole search and seizure frenzy –

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Kreiner Imports Inc. of Chicago, Ill., is voluntarily recalling approximately 5,000 Kinder chocolate eggs, which Kreiner imported into the United States and which contain a surprise toy within a plastic capsule. Some of the toys have small parts that present a serious choking and aspiration hazard to children under three years of age.

CPSC considers the toys within the eggs as presently imported and sold to violate CPSC’s small parts regulation with respect to children under three.

The Ferrero Group, the manufacturer of Kinder chocolate eggs, does not market this product in the United States. Ferrero said that it markets the product in other countries solely for children three and older and designs these toys to be assembled by older children. Ferrero considers the product safe for children three years and older. Ferrero said it is working with Customs and CPSC and is pursuing legal action against parties involved in illegal imports.

CPSC and Ferrero are not aware of any injuries in the United States involving these toys. This recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury to children under three years of age.

If the toys violate the standards for under three, then shouldn’t the warning label suffice?  The label clearly states the toys are for over three.

Second:  The Choco Treasure Egg

HOW is it on the market?  It violates the 1938 law that the Kinder Egg is banned under AND it has toys that are regulated for over three.

I’ll let you all know what they say.  Should be interesting.

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