Legally speaking…

We were recently contacted by a man whose family in Germany attempted to mail him a box of Kinder Surprise Eggs.  The eggs were confiscated and he subsequently received a lonnnnng letter from customs.  Oh, the silliness.  The insanity.  Dare I say it?  Yes, I do believe I will.  The stupidity.

One of my favorites lines is, “After that time, the Government acquires full title to the seized property.”  How much you want to bet those who “seize” the eggs give them with their children.

Here is the letter.  Enjoy.

PS  I can’t figure out how to make these bigger.  Any wordpress gurus willing to help with that?  If you’d like your own copy of the image files, email me and I’ll shoot them to you.  All personal information has been removed.



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2 responses to “Legally speaking…

  1. NavyDocsWife

    Unbievable! They’ll stop at nothing! LOL

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