The Store

Just a heads up on our Zazzle store. We received a message from one of our supporters that her Zazzle purchase was denied. They said the image was copyrighted and that it was being removed from the store. We just went in there and they haven’t removed everything. The image is not copyrighted…well, not really! We took the little Kinder dude, turned his smile upside down, and put bars in front of him. So three things are now going to happen – 1) if you want a shirt, mug, or bumper sticker, you might want to jump on those before zazzle attacks them. 2) We are contacting Ferrero and asking permission (again) to use the image. They never responded the first time. We honestly think they are not standing in our way. They have nothing to lose and soooo much to gain by our cause. 3) If you are interested in using the jail image to make your own shirts, etc.., shoot us an email and we’ll send it to you.

Have a chocolatey week!

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