When little eggs grow up…

What do little Kinder Eggs dream of being when they grow up?  Why, Giant Kinder Eggs, of course!  How giant, you ask?  Let us show you…

Here’s a regular Kinder Egg.  Note the size.  20g (20g of pure deliciousness and fun!)  Note the image for “not under 3” and the text (translated) says the toy may have little pieces and adult supervision is recommended.  Imagine that.  (CPSC – can you see that?)

Next size?  150g.  Oh, yeah!

But we’re not done.  Here’s the size up from that.  220g  220!!

Surely we are done now.  Right?  Wrong!!  There’s one more and it’s the Mama of All Kinder Surprise Eggs 320g.  THREE HUNDRED TWENTY GRAMS!  That’s about .70 pounds of pure heaven!

To give you an idea of how mammoth the Giant Kinder Eggs are, here is a picture of all three of them with a “normal” egg in front. (click to see full picture)

The little eggs will most definitely not survive our children coming home from school.  There are 3 320g eggs for the day before Easter.  Yes, we will be monitoring how much is eaten.  Don’t want to have anything refunded.  Gross.  The other two (220g and 150g) will be shared between all of us over the next couple of weeks.  We’ll post pictures of the naked eggs (AH!) as we open them to show how big the chocolate is and what amazing toys are inside.

Now tell me, honestly, why should kids in the USA be denied such fun?  Should we really expect them to only think “Jelly Beans and Peeps” for Easter candy?  It’s a shame.  And embarrassing.  On that note, here’s a little story.  I picked these amazing eggs up today in France at a grocery store.  The display was awesome!

This sucker had four sides with various Kinder products.  Temptation at every turn!

I was picking up giant eggs for my kids and my friend’s kids.  So, needless to say, my cart was ridiculous.  Kinder eggs all over the place.  Several people grinned at me when they saw the cart.  One lady stopped to chat.  I explained that they weren’t all for my kids (phew!) and that they are illegal in the USA.  Oh, I wish I’d had a camera for the look on her face.  We chatted about the legalities behind the ban and went our separate ways.  That’ll be brought up at the dinner table in her home tonight.   The ban is absurd.  Pure and simple.  That mega lottery all over the US news?  You’ve got a much better chance of winning that than of being hurt by a Kinder Egg…unless you gorge on a Giant Egg and then all bets are off.


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3 responses to “When little eggs grow up…

  1. Another view, from a Kinder fan.

    The news report says that at least 60k units are seized. For the revenue they could get, there must be someone in Germany who can cut-and-paste an English warning. If they are too cheap and lazy to do this, let the ban continue.
    I trust the quality level of German manufacturing. But that is precisely the point. As a person who does not know German language, I might well be comfortable allowing my young child to play with this candy egg, otherwise in confidence.
    Maybe you could also send a copy of your petition to the Kinder company. They would have to realize that for every signature there must be like a hundred people who would buy the egg and not actually sign.
    Then they might be motivated to do the right thing for American parents. It is too bad that their marketing department is letting the rest of the company down, and excluding American customers as well.

  2. Myka

    It is not at all entirely about the choking hazard factor. Do you not think if it was that easy to legalize Kinder Eggs Ferrero would have done it?

    In Kinder Eggs, there is in fact in over 10 languages (yep, including English. The UK, where the eggs are legal, speaks that language, too) a warning about choking.

    Ferrero actually has been trying to be able to sell Kinder Eggs in the US since the 90’s, but to no avail.

    • Blog Operator

      Agreed – it isn’t only about the choking hazard. The website clearly lists all the laws banning the egg. We are sure Ferrero would like the egg legal in the US. We also believe that, as is our American heritage, our government listens more closely when the people speak. A corporate request is more strong with a community voice behind it. 🙂

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