It’s not the kids, it’s the adults.

Have you heard the one about the woman who didn’t know chocolate wasn’t a diet food?  No, this isn’t a joke.  Some genius actually has won 3 million dollars because Nutella is not healthy.  Um, what??  You mean spreading chocolate on bread won’t unjiggle your thighs?  Come on, America.  Where is the common sense?  I realize the vast majority of us aren’t this way.  We don’t look for reasons to sue.  We don’t look for the easy, immoral (yes, I file this suit under immoral) way to make money.  In the meantime, senseless lawsuits like this might be the reason Ferroro isn’t fighting to get Kinder Eggs in the USA.  After all, who makes Nutella?  Ferroro.  If any of you know this woman, thank her for contributing to the Egg not being in the USA.


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3 responses to “It’s not the kids, it’s the adults.

  1. We had a great discussion in our homeschool youth group last year on whether the government is responsible for your weight or not. Um, not. Apparently it really does pay to be stupid.

  2. Carol

    The problem is that the ads Nutella has been running de-emphasize the chocolate, emphasize the nuts and skim milk, and DO imply that it is nutritious. It doesn’t matter whether she SHOULD have known better; it’s a matter of deceptive advertising.

  3. Melissa

    What matters is that an adult/parent should use enough common sense to NOT buy into everything an AD tells them or shows. Majority of advertising is deceptive as it’s designed to draw your appeal and make you want the product. Beer ADs make it seem like their product will make people like you more, will make beautiful women suddenly fall all over you. Car ADs make it like their product is far superior and that your life won’t be better until you have one of theirs. Or that a toy is the greatest thing and your kid HAS to have it or that their medication will suddenly cure your life and make everything 100% better.

    I’m sorry but anyone who sees an AD and instantly believes everything it says is real needs some help. The fact is she SHOULD have known better. No AD is going to sit there and emphasize the bad parts of it. As an adult/parent you have to use common sense and not buy 100% into what you’re fed in an AD.

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