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Know who has the egg? Russia.

Some friends of mine just came back from a trip to Russia.  Two things brought my family to their mind – a Yoda advertisement and a Kinder Egg.  Yep.  Russia has both.  We only have one.  That’s sad.


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Excellent Opportunity to Defend the Egg – and I can’t be there. Can you?

I received information that the Consumer Product Safety Commission will conduct a public hearing on June 20, 2012 starting at 10:00 a.m. in Bethesda, Maryland.  They are going to be discussing the “Agenda and Priorities of FY [Fiscal Year] 1014”.  I am not positive this is *really* a public hearing – as in anyone can come in.  BUT, if it is (and I am trying to find out) we need at least one person there.  The mere fact that the government is wasting money searching bags and vehicles for chocolate eggs is ridiculous.  Throw in that they waste even more money mailing out documents to violators that are many pages long and bother to store the eggs is insane.  What a colossal waste of money.  They confiscated over 60,000 eggs in FY 2011. Multiply the paper, ink, postage, envelope, storage, search time, by 60,000 and we’re talking real money.

I, sadly, cannot attend the meeting.  We are stationed overseas and flying back home to the good old USA is very expensive.  😦  I’m totally bummed.  So – can you go for us?  Can you stand with a Free the Egg shirt on, hold a poster, make a banner?  If you can go, please email me.  We need you there.  I am writing up a statement that will be read to the commission.  We need one person to be our speaker.  That person needs to be confident, well-poised, professionally dressed, and able to convey our message with conviction.  You just need to be ready to read the speech I have written.  According to an email I received “Your requests to make oral presentations and the written text of that presentation must be transmitted to the Office of the Secretary not later than 5 p.m. EST on June 13, 2012.”  I’m sending it in tomorrow and will email a copy to whoever steps up to read it.   Sound like you?  Again, email me.

I appreciate all the passion and support shown by those who follow this blog.  This CPSC meeting is a BIG opportunity for us to Free The Egg.  I especially want to thank those who have informed me of this meeting.  I know there was risk involved as the email was not a public email.  Oh my.  How insane.  Risk over helping save a chocolate egg.  ~sigh~

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