A Blog about us!

Check it out and please share!  We are the subject of a great blog by GeekMom (http://www.wired.com/geekmom/2012/08/free-the-egg/)!  A big thank you to Sarah and also ask that you follow her blog.  Her posts are great – fun to read and full of information!


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2 responses to “A Blog about us!

  1. Alexander Toussieh

    Hi. I recently came to this blog because I am doing research on the restriction of liberties in foreign countries. The United States seems to be a very restricted society and judging by this and other laws I find their government very intrusive and even Orwellian. The question I want to ask is whether the American public feels the same way I do or they have learned to cope with it and whether there is a strong drive within the United States among the general populace to imitate more free societies or admire them.

  2. Blog Operator

    Hello Alexander. Your question is very interesting. I’ve requested that our followers post answers. I’ll post my response after I have given time for others to post. Thank you for submitting this on our blog. It’s good to step back now and then and view things from another person’s perspective.

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