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White House Petition

A Kinder fan has posted this petition on the White House website. (  We’re trying to help get the signatures needed. When you share it (cause you know you are!!) please include the Free The Egg website as the website has the law background and additional information. Thanks!! PS – the link we’d like included in your share is 

If you use twitter to share, please use the hashtag #FreeTheEgg.


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My own whiskey still

I recently purchased my own Surprise Egg maker. (I’ll provide the link at the end of this post, should you want to join in the rebellion.)  My review of the product?  Totally worth the money.  The machine is a toy that is sold on Amazon UK for ages 6 and up.  The parts are plastic and the steps are tedious.  I’ve already made modifications – you know, being a grown up and all.  Like the little plastic bowl that you fill with hot water to melt the chocolate?  Yeah.  I used the microwave.  Making the egg took time – 30 minutes in the freezer, another 10 minutes in the freezer, time to melt everything…  Making the egg was messy – melted chocolate all over my fingers (easy clean up – ha ha ha).  Making the egg was FUN!  The little machine it comes with wraps the egg in tin foil.  The kit comes with plastic capsules with toys in them.  I’m not sure the regular kinder egg capsules will fit inside the Rebel Egg.  We  shall see…

I’m looking for just the right melting chocolate before I make any more.  Any suggestions?

Christmas is coming up fast.  If you have a Surprise Egg lover in your life, this would make a really cool gift.  I say we make a bunch, put a Free The Egg ad in the middle and mail them to Congress.  They can’t pass a budget, they could Free an Egg.


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Advent Calendar

Kinder Advent calendar for our kids. Several years ago, they had a Kinder Egg series that had a complete Nativity. We still have most of the pieces. 🙂


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