A second nag…

We are asking (BEGGING!) for you to sign a second petition.  This one has been created by a Free The Egg supporter and is hosted on the White House website.  If the petition hits 25,000 signatures, it HAS to be addressed.  Problem – we have only until January 25th to get them!  So here are the links to both signatures (just to be safe, we’ll still collect at the old one).

First – here is the White House petition – http://tinyurl.com/freetheegg (or https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/allow-import-and-sale-kinder-surprise-eggs-united-states/K2V8MhsX – I’m always afraid the tiny urls will die on me!)

Second (if you haven’t yet signed it) – the original petition – http://www.petitiononline.com/freeegg/petition.html



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2 responses to “A second nag…

  1. Wes

    Target is selling a chocolate egg with a toy surprise inside. Choco Treasure, distributed by Candy Treasure, LLC, Lebanon, NJ 08833. http://www.chocotreasure.com

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