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Have mercy

“Potentially deadly”.  POTENTIALLY DEADLY??

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March 19, 2013 · 9:04 am

Chocolate and deception do not go together. Ever.

Yesterday, an awesome Free The Egg supporter sent me the following image.


This Choco Treasure egg was purchased this past Thursday. Note the label clearly says, “Made in China with dairy products from Australia and/or New Zealand”. Keep that in mind as you read this message I received from Choco Treasure in July of last year…

Deb from Choco Treasure here. FYI, our chocolate eggs are made with Swiss Chocolate – and then formed in Turkey (not China). We moved egg production to Turkey about a year ago.

Granted, the egg might have been old, but it does not bode well that the label says one thing but the company says another.

To read the entire thread between Choco Treasure and Free the Egg, visit this site –


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In Case You Missed It…

Ferraro sells 1.5 billion eggs worldwide each year. Since 1997, there have been 7 documented cases of children fatally choking on the toys inside the eggs. If you factor in the 30 billion made since 1991, you get a .023% mortality rate. A child has a higher chance of being killed by lightning than dying by Kinder Egg. The American parent has every right to decide what their child can or cannot eat. Ferraro has clearly labeled their product. It is up to the American parent to decide if the Surprise Egg is appropriate for their child or not.

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We shall see…

I wrote to Ms. Ellin and asked her to help in our movement. I’ll let you know what I hear. Also – I want to be clear that we are not at war with Choco Treasure. The beauty of America is that people can follow their dreams. That is what makes this stupid ban so frustrating. In all honesty, if Choco Treasure’s eggs were up to par with Kinder, we would promote them like crazy. I bought one two years ago to see if they were a suitable substitute for our beloved Kinder. Even though they use chocolate from Switzerland and are assembled in Turkey (as they told me in an email message) the chocolate is sub-par. So – Choco Treasure – we know you follow our posts. We would love to back you up – upgrade your chocolate and your toys and you’ll have our support. Until then, we will continue our battle to Free the Egg.


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OK – I’m taking really big, cleansing breaths here. I’ve read several news stories now where Choco Treasure is using Ferrro Kinder to sneak their chocolate surprise egg into more shopping carts. The last one I read actually says that they were able to recently get the eggs legalized, even after a close call at the Canadian border. Those were KINDER EGGS not Choco Treasure!

Here’s what we need to do. The ABC article’s author is Abby Ellin. I’ve found her website. Please email her with information about the Kinder Egg ban and the truth behind Choco Treasure. Make sure you explain to her that there is misinformation (I’m sure it was provided by Choco Treasure) that their egg is just now being sold in stores. It has been out for years. Also, the law they cite does NOT state that toys in confectionery items have to be suitable for all age groups. (If someone finds where it actually says that, please let me know – I have never seen that.) The law says that non-nutritive items cannot be hidden in a confection. (See our law page for more information.) The reason Choco Treasure is legal is because you can see the plastic capsule at the seam of the egg. Ferrero Kinder Eggs are CLEARLY marked for ages three and up. As are many, many, many products in our country. Finally, PLEASE point her to our website

We could use her help, so please do not be belligerent. She could be the catalyst for our movement.

Her website is

Also – comments to the NBC news article ( would be greatly appreciated. I’m disgusted that Choco Treasure would be this deceitful. You have a product you want to market, that’s great. That’s what’s awesome about America – our free market system. But lying to consumers and getting the hopes up of millions of Kinder Egg lovers? Rude. Just rude.

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