We shall see…

I wrote to Ms. Ellin and asked her to help in our movement. I’ll let you know what I hear. Also – I want to be clear that we are not at war with Choco Treasure. The beauty of America is that people can follow their dreams. That is what makes this stupid ban so frustrating. In all honesty, if Choco Treasure’s eggs were up to par with Kinder, we would promote them like crazy. I bought one two years ago to see if they were a suitable substitute for our beloved Kinder. Even though they use chocolate from Switzerland and are assembled in Turkey (as they told me in an email message) the chocolate is sub-par. So – Choco Treasure – we know you follow our posts. We would love to back you up – upgrade your chocolate and your toys and you’ll have our support. Until then, we will continue our battle to Free the Egg.


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2 responses to “We shall see…

  1. For those of you struggling with what to write, I went with this:

    Dear Ms. Ellin,

    I wish that you had better researched this article, because as you pointed out there are a lot of Kinder Surprise fans out there. First, Choco Treasure has been available for some time. It is not a brand new product.

    More importantly, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission law which bans Kinder Surprise eggs has nothing to do with safety for children under three. The law was put in place to stop unscrupulous shopkeepers from weighing down foods like cakes and biscuits with non-edible items like rocks. There is absolutely no requirement in that law that it must be safe for children under three. Today the law prohibits any non-food item from being fully encapsulated by food. For this reason Choco Treasure is okay, because you can see the seam of the capsule through the chocolate. This is also why Cracker Jacks, toys in cereal and lollipops are okay but Kinder Eggs are not.

    Anyway, while your article missed a lot of important points, and included some inaccuracies, it’s good to see this issue addressed in print. While this is clearly a “first world problem,” a lot of people want to be able to buy and import Kinder Eggs in the US. Choco Treasure will never do because Ferrero (the company that makes Nutella) makes high quality collectible toys, whereas the toys in Choco Treasure can only be described as junk.

  2. Ana

    Amen to that. I grew up with Kindereggs and I find this ban ridiculous. It clearly states not suitable for under 3, so it’s the responsibility of the parents to watch their children just like with everything else at that young age.

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