Silly America, small parts aren’t for kids

A big thank you to Amanda Alvidrez for alerting us to a violator. She recently bought a Choco Treasure ball. The toy on the inside had small pieces and the packaging had no age recommendation or small parts warning. We know Choco Treasure keeps up with our page – y’all might want to get a warning on your package. You had them on there before. The CPSC will get ya. (And now we’d like to ask again why they are legal in the US and Kinder isn’t. I know they say it’s because you can see the plastic container when you take off the foil, but the CPSC says that Kinder is illegal because of small parts…and Kinders do carry a warning and age recommendation. Interesting.)

PS  That press release last year saying that Kinder Eggs were legal now in the US (lies, lies, lies) and then pushing your product?  Low blow.  Low, low blow.

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4 responses to “Silly America, small parts aren’t for kids

  1. Michael

    Paper is exempt from CPSC small parts rules

  2. Debra

    The two reasons are the FDA rule from 1938 about imbedded non-nutritive objects and the CPSC rules on small parts. There are many many tests for toys to be safe for all ages including bite, torsion, flammability, impact toxicity, etc. There are also certain categories such as paper for which different rules apply.

    • Blog Operator

      We know the laws behind the ban. We’ve been down this road before, so I apologize for the redundancy of my response. Ferrero Kinder Surprise eggs do not hide the toys. The reason people buy the eggs is for the toy on the inside. There is no shock when you find inside the egg. Second, the eggs are not marketed for children under the age of three. That’s where the label comes in. It is not only written on there, there is also a graphic. The ban is ridiculous and the 1938 law is outdated. We at Free The Egg (and that includes the over 4,000 people who signed the petition) know that American parents are perfectly capable of purchasing Ferrero Kinder Surprise Eggs and safely give them to our children. We’ve been able to buy them Leogs for decades without the government barging in to monitor. We’re glad your company is pursing the American Dream and we wish you all the luck in the world. We just ask for our God-given freedom in choosing which products WE feel are safe for OUR children.

  3. Amanda Alvidrez

    “Toy characters 3D puzzels and more” reads the box. Meaning the company puts more than paper toys in the choco ball. The rules may apply differently to paper, but to “toy characters” and “more” the small parts rule applies.

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