Reality? Anyone?

At what point do we fall to the floor laughing during a police investigation?  Watch and learn…  (From the show, “Elementary”)

Wait – no one laughed.  No one smirked.  No one looked amused at all.  Why?  BECAUSE THIS ISN’T REALITY!  Go tell someone that the Kinder Egg is banned.  They’ll scoff.  If they’ve actually had one, they’ll accuse you of lying.

I don’t know about you, but there is no way I’d be able to keep a straight face if I had to:

(a) accuse someone of a crime for burying Kinder Eggs

(b) was being coerced into divulging confidential patient info because of a chocolate.  A CHOCOLATE.

There are sooo many flaws.  So, so many.  List them, you say?  Ok.

1 – No one in their right mind is going to bury Kinder Eggs.

2 – No one in their right mind is going to nark on someone burying Kinder Eggs.  Go back and dig them up later?  Yes.  But nark?  No.  Blackmail them for some of them?  Probably.

3 – “A little toy that constitutes a choking hazard, which is why the FDA banned those.”  Um, no.  The FDA didn’t ban them.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission banned them.  The FDA passed a law in 1938 (1938!) that prohibits the embedding of a non-nutritive item in confections.  The CPSC is quick to say it’s because of the small parts, but this 1938 law is the true reason.  Why don’t they use it?  Because it’s a stupid law.  Period.

4 – Drunk and disorderly AND hides Kinder Eggs.  Hide your children.  The man is a menace.

Notice they didn’t use a real Kinder Egg or the proper name.  They can’t use a real one because they can’t get them for filming.  As for the name, they’d probably need some sort of legal permission to use it.  How embarrassing for a lawyer, “Um, yes.  We’d like a release to use your product’s name on our show….Yes.  The Kinder Egg….. The scene?  Um…we’re going to have police coercing a man by busting him for burying the…um…the chocolate egg.”  Good grief.

In all, the scene is absurd, BUT I’m grateful for it.  Maybe more people will see it and realize how the ban is stupid.  And laughable.

If there ARE any shrinks out there in the Kinder Egg black market business, shoot me a message.  You’re my kind of doc.

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