Another boost

We usually get quite the boost in numbers/press around Easter. That’s when folks go to stores in search of the Ferrero Kinder Egg. It’s the pinnacle of Easter Eggs…the stuff of little kids’ dreams. Upon discovering that they cannot get the Egg in US stores, they turn to the Internet and many find our site.  However, as a wonderful surprise, we have been included in a fantastic article in the International Business Times. There is information in there we did not know…or know for sure.  We had been told (via a source that wished to remain anonymous) that there was a confectionary company behind the ban.  We now know who that is.  And, because of that information, this household will no longer purchase Mars products.

We at Free The Egg are up against a lot of money.  It never ceases to amaze me that we live in a country where money is so much louder than common sense.  If Mars doesn’t think it can stand up to the Ferrero Kinder Egg or the Nestle Magic, then they must have no faith in their product.  Or maybe this is where “survival of the fittest {tastiet} {coolest}” should kick in.  Read this article –  I don’t know about you, but when I read the quotes for those opposed to Nestle Magic (hence the Kinder Egg), I hear whiners.  Big, rich whiners.  And how about the Mars guy lying?  Why would he lie?  Because he was a whiner who didn’t believe his product could outlive Nestle Magic.

This is where I admit I’m discouraged.  Nestle fought Mars.  They fought the stupidity and the whiners.  The whiners won.  We don’t have the resources Nestle has.  We have our voices and we have our passion.  Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not giving up…I’m just a citizen of Realville and, in reality, we’re facing a Goliath that cares about money.  Only money.



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4 responses to “Another boost

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  2. John Mckay

    I love kinder eggs and they need to start coming into the USA!

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