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If you took the time to write your Congressmen and/or the CPSC, please post your responses and experiences here. My Congressmen – I got a completely canned answer from one (it didn’t even answer my question) and generic answer from another…they cited the CPSC at least. That is all I got back. I doubt the actual members even saw the letters. This is where I’d love to put in a rant about how Congress has become an aristocracy. But I am pretty sure I would be preaching to the choir. 🙂 As for the CPSC, they do not respond to me anymore. After the last exchange, I’m pretty sure I’m blacklisted. (You can read that exchange in our blog.). How about you? Any responses? Even if you already told us, please share again. Thank you!

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  1. Blog Operator

    From the Facebook page:

    “I’ve only ever received that standard form letter as well. And I agree: frustrating not to actually communicate with our supposed representatives.”

    “I just got a standard reply from the CPSC just saying they received my comment, but nothing yet from my reps. I get standard form letters from my Reps in KY all the time for petitions I’ve signed, usually months later.”

    “my BS response………………….
    Dear Vic:

    Thank you for contacting me with regard to the expansion of regulation and its impact on all Americans. At a time of economic uncertainty and shrinking job numbers the last thing American job creators need is more costly, burdensome regulation.

    Over time, Congress has delegated its Constitutional responsibility to executive agencies and departments filled with unelected bureaucrats unaccountable to the American people. Today, these regulators are using that power to enact regulations to promote an unpopular agenda which hampers economic growth and job creation. America’s strength is its entrepreneurs and innovators who create long-lasting, economy growing jobs. We must realize that these rules and regulations affect real people with real jobs.

    The House has passed, and I have supported, legislation to ensure the regulatory process is transparent, efficient and has the desired effect of protecting our citizens instead of saddling job creators with more costly requirements. These bills would force regulators to review the cost to those they impact with any rule proposal. In addition, they create a mechanism for Congressional review of effect of high-cost regulations on jobs, the American economy and our ability to compete in the global marketplace. This does not prevent the agencies from taking action to ensure the health and safety of Americans or remove their authority, but ensures that all aspects of their actions are considered.

    Protecting our environment and the health of our citizens is an important mission, but before far-reaching regulations are handed down, we must take a closer look at their impact. I invite you see more of my views on burdensome regulation by watching the speeches and videos on my Youtube site ( You can also join in the discussion on my Facebook page ( or Twitter ( To stay up-to-date on important issues, please sign up for my electronic updates on my website (


    Member of Congress”

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