Sick to my stomach

I was just typing up the last blog post.  My 17-year-old daughter proofed it and recommended I wrap it up with another paragraph.  I thought I’d end with how many signatures we had and (hopefully) a motivating speech to rally the troops.  That was dashed rather quickly when I went to our petition and found out the hosting site closed.  No warning to me.  I’ve scoured my email.  No one sent me word.  I’m disgusted and heartsick.  We had 4,413 signatures.  I just sent that number to someone a few days ago.  We now how ZERO.  I have created a new petition at   Here is the link –

Please share it!!


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3 responses to “Sick to my stomach

  1. Planaria Price

    So totally distressed by the loss of your petition, and I loved your epiphany.
    I have seen “kinder copies” from China in Chicago and another kind of copy with capsule and toy in Poland…also from China…… Anyone else???

    • Blog Operator

      Yep. We’ve seen them. If you go to the search on the blog and type in “Treasure”, you’ll see where we’ve posted about them. I hear there is another brand out now. It’s completely frustrating that mediocre duplicates are legal. The Choco Treasure bypasses the law by having part of their plastic capsule showing through the seam of the egg. They don’t, however, have warnings on all of their products. The excuse on that? That some of the toys are made of paper. Kids can’t choke on paper? Please.

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