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The Letter (dun dun duuuuun)

The previous images of *the letter* you get from customs was too small to read.  Hopefully this will be better.   Can you believe all the huff and puff over Kinder Eggs?  All the paper, ink, postage, D-R-A-M-A?  Thanks a lot, Mars Company, ya big crybabies.

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Bitter Sweet

Oh, this is a hard one to write.  On the one hand, I don’t want to say a word.  But, on the other hand, I cannot let anyone be swindled out of thousands of dollars when I could have helped them.  So…here goes….

There is a site, based in Europe, that is selling Kinder Eggs and mailing them to the States. Their site states that it is legal to order the eggs online from them because they aren’t based in the US. This is NOT true. They also say that laws vary, state by state. Again, NOT true. Please understand that we all want to have those awesome, delicious, insanely cool chocolate eggs. However, we do not want to pay fines for them. The fine for just one egg is $2,500. Yes, just ONE! That’s more than the fine for one ounce of heroin. You, as the package receiver, get the fine, not the sender. Here is what their site says:

Where can I buy kinder surprise eggs in USA?

Answer is nowhere, because it is illegal to sell them in USA. You can order them from Europe or from our online store.

Is it legal to buy Chocolate eggs from you?

There is no certain answer on this question, here is important information, that you should know before you buy chocolate eggs.

It is illegal to sell Chocolate surprise eggs in USA, because of the small toy inside those eggs, but in some state it is legal to order them and get it by post only for yourself. So you need to check this with your local state laws and rules.

Also you are taking full responsibility when you buy those eggs and give them to your child. You need to observe that your child will not swallow small toy. It is prohibited to give such eggs to children below 3 years old. So before you buy those eggs, please check all rules and regulation. We are located in Europe, so it is allowed to sell those eggs there worldwide.

Again, the above information is not accurate. You bear the burden of the fines, should you be caught. I feel it is my responsibility to let you know this information. We’ve contacted the company, explaining the fines YOU could incur and have asked them to correct their FAQ page. No response. Just be careful. $2,500 is lot of money. For that, you could fly overseas and enjoy a vacation with your egg. 

Sadly, I see another post in the near future full of tales of woe and misery as people begin to be caught.  Whether this store believes it or not, the United States government does waste their time and money sending out letters to foreign companies threatening them with legal action if they continue to mail Kinder Eggs into the United States.  I wish I still had an email from years ago from the man in Canada who used to mail them to me.

To see the NINE page letter the govt sends to you, the consumer, should they catch you with an egg in the mail, visit this previous blog post.

Ugh…  I’m at a loss on how to end this.  Let’s just get the egg freed already.  What a stupid situation.

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