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A Kind Kinder Mention

Our son is visiting from college and asked if we ever google our own names.  I have and I love how the Kinder Egg pops up when I do.  I mean, come on, what girl wouldn’t be thrilled to type in their name and have chocolate appear?  After we all googled names, we decided to google “Free The Egg”.  This article appeared.  We are always thrilled to be mentioned in articles – every little mention helps!  I wish we had new, exciting news.  Unfortunately, we have none.  But, having run this effort for years, we can promise that something will happen.  Those moments of excitement come when we least expect it.   When they do, we’ll let you know.  OR you let us know!  If you see articles, hear rumors, have ideas, etc…  send us a message!  In the meantime, enjoy your summer and remember to Free The Egg!

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