Hello! (hello…hello…hello….)

Just letting everyone know we’re still here.  (Thanks, Ben, for the life-check!)  There’s not been much to report.  I’m thinking we’ll see some things in the news around Christmas/New Years.  People tend to get busted around then.  Ah, but it’s sooo worth the risk.  I, unfortunately, have been so vocally opposed to the stupid ban that I don’t dare try to order anything.  Pretty sure the Kinder Egg Police have my face on their wall.  I’d love to send them an Egg with a mini-me inside the capsule.  A girl can dream…

If anyone sees anything in the news or the Blogosphere, please let me know.  In the meantime, have a wonderful, beautiful Holiday Season – Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc…  Be safe, be happy, be peaceful, and FREE THE EGG!

I'm dreaming of some Kinder Eggs...

I’m dreaming of some Kinder Eggs…


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6 responses to “Hello! (hello…hello…hello….)

  1. Ahh how I miss this egg ! You know, recently I went to Hong Kong for vacation where you can easily buy these kinder egg surprise. Much to my disappointment it’s not the whole egg in chocolate with the toy in the middle, but the newer version. The newer version with the toys on the side and a scoop to scoop out the chocolate thats on the other half. 😦 ! Anyway, when I was at the airport, around 1am, stores closing in the airport and I spot a GIGANTIC KINDER EGG(with toys like “Frozen”). it costed maybe 50 dollar US money. I didn’t buy any for it was pretty expensive but those you can definitely bring into the US.

    • Blog Operator

      I miss them, too! But, guess what, the original Egg is still out there! What you saw (with the scoop side) isn’t a new Egg, but a different product. It’s called “Kinder Joy”. I accidentally bought it for my girls a few years ago. Still yummy, but definitely not a Kinder Surprise Egg. We gotta get the Egg here in the US! Free The Egg!

  2. Laura

    You know they are selling chocolate surprise eggs at Walmart in the shape of bears. What’s the difference between that and kinder?

    • Blog Operator

      There are two similar products available in the US. One is Choco Treasure and the other is Yowie. I think you’re talking about Yowie. Both are considered legal because you can see the capsule from the outside of the chocolate. The (BIG) difference is in the quality/taste of the chocolate and the awesomeness of the toys. There’s no comparison. I hear Yowie tried to work something with Kinder, but it fell through. Their toys (Yowie’s) are better than Choco Treasure.

  3. Just saw an incredible posting on Facebook from Moms Demand Action,org (A gun control off shoot from Everytown. Tried copying it but couldn’t. It’s poster with two kids: one with a gun and one with a Kinderegg and says something like: “One of these is illegal in the USA”. Sorry I can’t figure out how to post it.

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