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The Petition

As many of you know, the original petition was hosted on a website that was shut down with no notice.  We lost every signature…and just after it was shared in Food Network Magazine.  (I just about had a heart attack.)  The new petition is now at 3,500 signatures.  Our goal is 10,000.  If you haven’t signed it yet, please do.  If you have (or after you do) please share it.  Nag.  Harass.  Beg.  Plead.  Actually, this time of year is best for us to get folks to sign the petition.  Why?  Easter.  When people realize their kids can’t get the awesome chocolate eggs, they’ll be unhappy.  Yes, they can get the Choco Treasure or the Yowie, but that’s like getting a Pinto when you could have a Porche.  Seriously.

SO — here are your tools.

First, a video – This is a good one.   The kid is cute and you can see different egg sizes.  My kids loved the giant Easter eggs.  They don’t have them on this video. Here’s a picture from the last time we bought them for our kids.  ~sniff~  Your friends will see this kid being excited and the cool toys and wonder why their own kid can’t have it.  Ah, jealousy.  It has a purpose; like freeing The Egg.

all three

Second – Share this site. and the Facebook page.

Third – Share the petition.  Although it is on the main page and linked to every page, people like being given a direct link.

Who knows, maybe with all the craziness going on in DC, we might actually get someone to slip this sucker in and lift the ban.  All we need is the right person to put pressure on the CPSC to quit being ridiculous.  Ya never know…  #FreeTheEgg

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