Help, Mark Steyn!

For a few years now, author, writer, and political commentator  Mark Steyn has lamented the woes of legally acquiring The Egg.  I’ve yelled at the radio multiple times, “I hear ya, Brother!  Help us!”  I’ve also reached out via email…which is more likely to garnish a response as the radio is a one-way communicator.  However, being a realist, I did not expect to hear back.  Mr Steyn must get thousands of emails.  (Did I ever tell you about the response from the Senator who assured a concerned Free The Egg supporter that he does, indeed, care about the welfare of chicken?  I kid you not.  His team saw “egg” and spewed out a response.  Kills me.)  Anyway, in the midst of decorating for Christmas today, I got a text from a good friend informing me that Mark Steyn was sitting in for Rush Limbaugh and was discussing the plight of our Egg.  I haven’t read the transcript and wasn’t able to listen to the show today (Christmas tunes played while I hung lights and wondered why we have a collection of ornaments that have no bodies.  Just heads.  Yes, I hung them. Why not?)  I hope to find the audio recording tonight and share it on here.  In the meantime, PLEASE follow us on Twitter and retweet the tweet to Mark Steyn.  Freeing the Egg would be ridiculously easy with him on our side.  Someone with a national voice, like Mr Styen has, would help us tremendously.

Another note – I hear a group came before Shark Tank with a chocolate egg with a toy in it.  I know nothing about this so far.  I’ll be doing some research and getting back to y’all about that.  (Y’all – I’m in the South and it’s easier than typing or saying “you all” unless you go off on a tangent and type why you are using “y’all”.  Oy.)

In the meantime, please keep spreading the word.  I would LOVE to have Kinder Eggs to give my children this Christmas.  They’re getting older, two of the four are adults.  Maybe next year?  2017 – the year we #FREEtheEGG  You never know.

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