Don’t believe the news

In case you see it in the news, the Ferrero Kinder Surprise Egg is NOT being legalized in the US. The Kinder Joy is just being sold more prevalently. The Joy is NOT the same product as the Egg. The Joy is amazing, but, given the choice, I always choose the Egg. Both products are sold in other countries. This is NOT the Egg being legalized, it’s another Ferraro product being sold here. This is deceitful journalism. That being said, I’ll definitely be buying Joy when it comes on the market here. Please be aware of the difference. The Joy is not the Egg.  #FreeTheEgg

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One response to “Don’t believe the news

  1. Ana

    The title can be deceiving but once you read the article it states clearly that it’s not the Kinder Surprise egg being legalized but a “cousin” called Kinder Joy which will come without a toy inside.

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