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The Law

Have you ever wondered about the 1938 law that causes the ban on our Egg? Here’s an explanation.
It still boggles my mind that this keeps the Egg out…until I remember that the Mars chocolate company was quick to throw this law into the ring when their competition released an Egg-like chocolate, thereby paving the way for Ferraro to share the Egg here. Money talks……/CompliancePolicyGuidanc…/ucm074435.htm

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Please share

There are still multiple news articles claiming Kinder Eggs will be legal next year in the United States.  This is NOT true.  What is coming (and is already in some markets) is Kinder Joy.  The Joy has been for sale in Europe (I cannot speak for other areas of the world) since 2001.  I accidentally bought one in 2002, thinking it was a Kinder Egg.  My kids weren’t happy.  🙂  I actually really like them.  I’m glad we’ll have the awesome toys, but the chocolate is not the same.  The Egg is a hollow chocolate egg with a milk chocolate outside and white chocolate inside, with a plastic toy in the middle that contains a cool toy.  The Joy is a plastic egg that has a toy in one half and scoopable chocolate in the other.  Here’s a video showing the difference.  Please spread the word.  I will be buying Joy, but won’t feel the joy until the Egg is truly free.  #FreeTheEgg

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