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Sanctuary Stores

One of my daughters came home from work last night ecstatic because her Secret Santa gave her a number of European treats.  We lived in Europe for several years, so she has fond memories of many of the gifts she received.  She was thrilled to have their Orange Fanta, which is different from our Orange Fanta, but what she was most excited about was this Russian Kinder Egg.


Let me repeat that – RUSSIAN KINDER EGG.  Russia doesn’t even have religious freedom, yet they have the Egg.  Now, I’m not saying I’d trade religious freedom for a Kinder Egg.  That would be insane.   However, you have to wonder how we, as Americans, can be LEGALLY denied a Kinder Egg.

Thank goodness there are some stores that offer the Egg sanctuary.  If you find one of these wonderful locations, do NOT post about them on social media.  Let people know by word of mouth.  Stores have been raided for Kinder Eggs (I cannot believe I just wrote that).  Can you imagine the money wasted raiding over a chocolate egg?

I’ll be hitting up the sanctuary store in my local area today.  Christmas is coming and I know some children that would love to see a Kinder Egg on Christmas morning.

Free The Egg

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Chocolate

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