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Yep, these are safer. ?

Sorry it’s been crickets here. Not much to report. The Egg is still illegal. 😉

So today I’m out shopping with the family for school shoes. (Don’t get me started on shoe shopping. I have three daughters and a husband who runs marathons. The man goes through running shoes quicker than a toddler goes through training pants. And THREE girls with THREE different shoe sizes and THREE different styles. Shoe shopping is torture.)

As we were (hallelujah) leaving, I see this:

Someone explain to me, please, how a hard-shelled, cavity starting, teeth breaking, jaw dislocating, bigger than a child’s fist piece of gum is safer than a Kinder Egg? There’s no warning label for age or mouth size or anything. The only thing between a knuckle-headed kid and these dentist calling cards is a quarter. I can’t even look at the picture without my jaw throbbing.

I want my chocolatey Egg.

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