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Kinder Eggs ARE Still Illegal

We are still hearing from excited US consumers that Kinder Eggs are now legal in the United States.  Please, share this post on your social media!  Kinder Eggs are still illegal!  The product sold in the Unite States is Kinder Joy.  It was not made as a replacement for Kinder Surprise Eggs.  It is a different product that has been available in other countries for over a decade.  The Joy is legal because the toy (and they are the same ultra-cool toys as Kinder Eggs) is not “hidden” inside the confectionery.  It’s a scoopable chocolate.  I personally love them, but they ARE NOT Kinder Eggs.  If you have someone who thinks you’re a wackadoodle who is ignorant of what’s real news, share the article below with them.  It is taken directly from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.  Look at “Tip 7″. ” Kinder Chocolate Eggs remain prohibited as they are not compliant with FDA regulations.”   Illegal, illegal, illegal.  (And ridiculous!)  If they still don’t believe:  take them over the border, have them buy an Egg, and then nark on them when you get to the US border.   (Just kidding – Kinder Egg fans don’t let friends get arrested.  Be nice.  Eat an Egg with them and then go back home.)   #FreeTheEgg

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