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It’s Oh So Quiet

So….not much to report here. COVID has us living this weird life. When this is done, I plan on finding a Kinder Egg and eating it live on Facebook. A girl can dream, right?

Did the title of this blog post put a song in your head? It’s by Bjork that we used to torture our kids with listen to. On a flight to Iceland in 2000, I sat next to a man whose daughter was good friends with Bjork. He said she is just what you see – which I think is awesome. Bjork is nutty, fun, and a little off…like we all are. I’m sure she indulges in a Kinder Egg now and then. Unless she’s vegan? I don’t know.

There you have it, folks. My mid-COVID post of boredom and randomness. This too shall pass… #FreeTheEgg

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