Ten Years!

Ten yeas ago today I decided it was time to fight for The Egg. Ten years! It’s been a great experience so far and I’m *hopeful* that we can make more progress in these next ten…if we need them…which I hope we don’t. Since we started this fight, we’ve been in blogs, local newspapers, The Wall Street Journal, Food Network Magazine, and even endorsed in an Ignite Seattle speech! We had a huge setback a few years ago. It started out as a great day: I opened my Food Network Magazine and found our petition listed in an article about the ban on The Egg. I just about passed out! I ran to the computer to see how many people this excellent surprise caused and discovered our petition hosting site was gone. Forever. No warning. Thousands of signatures gone. I, again, just about passed out.

But we regrouped, created a new petition and now have 5,256 signatures. Have you signed? Please do! Please share the link to the petition and let’s get this sucker sent out! If there is anything we need right now, it is something as delicious and frivolous as Kinder Eggs! Petition · Remove the ban on the Ferrero Kinder Surprise Egg · Change.org

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