Like many military kids, I grew up with the joy of Kinder Eggs. I had the double advantage of having French grandparents who would surprise me and my cousins by hiding the eggs in the chicken coop. Thus a dreaded chore became a happy event.

The delicious milk chocolate egg with the surprise toy on the inside has been used by parents in over 100 countries to bring joy, bribe work, and reward behavior and grades since 1972. (Coincidentally, the year I was born…nah, that was no coincidence, that was divine intervention!)

With the birth of my own children, I assumed the Kinder Surprise would continue. And, for a few years, it did. I had a supplier in Canada who would mail me the eggs for Easter, Christmas, and birthdays. One year he sent me an e-mail stating that he would no longer be able to sell me, or anyone else in the US, the eggs. Why? The US government had sent him a letter threatening legal action should he continue to mail the “illegal” eggs to the US. Illegal? Really? Chocolate eggs are illegal? YES!!

Here’s the background – (taken from Wikipedia)

Kinder Eggs are sold all over the world excluding the United States, where the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act prohibits embedding “non-nutritive items” in confections. Additionally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall on the eggs in 1997 (mostly via import shops), likely as a consequence of the introduction of the rival Nestlé Wonderball product featuring Disney characters, which was also quickly pulled under FDA pressure[1]. Kinder Egg-like confections are available, but only in a plastic form filled with small candies and/or stickers. There are some stores in the United States that sell genuine Kinder Eggs, often in conjunction with other imported British or other European sweets, although their import is illegal due to the 1938 law and 1997 recall.[2]

Now – why we have this site – to combat the stupidity of this law. The egg has a warning stating that the product is not suitable for ages 0 to 3. What more is needed? Is the American parent not intelligent enough to watch what their child eats? Are we not intelligent enough to prevent our children from cramming the plastic egg or toy down their throats? It’s an insult and, quite frankly, embarrassing. If you know anyone from a country where the eggs are legal, tell them about this idiotic ban and watch their reaction. Yep, we’re quite the entertainment. In fact, if you send in video of you telling your friend about the ban and send it in, we’ll post it on our blog.

So join us – visit the “Take Action” page and, well, take action! The most important help we need is your signature on the petition.  There is a link above.  You can also volunteer to help and rally the Egg Lovers in your area!  Let’s get the Kinder Surprise Egg in the USA!

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