̶K̶i̶n̶d̶e̶r̶ Egg Smuggling

Psh. We were smuggling eggs over the border before smuggling eggs over the border was cool. #Freetheegg

And, y’all, it’s a$2,500 fine for smuggling a Kinder Egg but up to $10,000 for a chicken egg.

Such silliness.


Sign our petition to Free The Egg!

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When it rains, it pours.

And here I was thinking there was nothing new to post about! Instead, I have realize that I’ve neglected my duties as “she-who-must-free-the-egg”. So, after finally reawakening to my mission, I checked my woefully neglected FreeTheEgg email.

There was a message from the author of this book and, I won’t lie, at first I thought it was spam. Thankfully, and gratefully, it was not! This is a legitimate book that I am in the middle of reading. Not just reading, but thoroughly enjoying.

The Babel Message: A Love Letter to Language by Keith Kahn-Harris

If you love language. If you love Kinder Eggs. If you love good books, this is for you!

“Keith Kahn-Harris is a man obsessed with something seemingly trivial – the warning message found inside Kinder Surprise eggs:

WARNING, read and keep: Toy not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts might be swallowed or inhaled.

On a tiny sheet of paper, this message is translated into dozens of languages – the world boiled down to a multilingual essence. Inspired by this, the author asks: what makes ‘a language’? With the help of the international community of language geeks, he shows us what the message looks like in Ancient Sumerian, Zulu, Cornish, Klingon – and many more. Along the way he considers why Hungarian writing looks angry, how to make up your own language, and the meaning of the heavy metal umlaut.

Overturning the Babel myth, he argues that the messy diversity of language shouldn’t be a source of conflict, but of collective wonder. This is a book about hope, a love letter to language.

‘This is a wonderful book. A treasure trove of mind-expanding insights into language and humanity encased in a deliciously quirky, quixotic quest. I loved it. Warning: this will keep you reading.’ – Ann Morgan, author of Reading the World: Confessions of a Literary Explorer”

The Babel Message: A Love Letter to Language

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Why are they illegal?

Here is an excellent video explaining why Kinder Eggs are illegal in the US.

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Happy Easter

Dear Consumer Product Safety Commission, TSA, and Border Security:

Happy Easter

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You know things are bad when there is a KinderEgg recall

Hello!! It’s been a long, long time. Frankly, there has not been much to report. The world is in turmoil and, as much as KinderEggs would make our days brighter, our quest for freedom is not at the top of anyone’s “to do” list. No, not even mine.

Yesterday, however, our beloved Egg was thrown into the frantic foray of flashing headlines. Are you ready? Kinder Eggs are being recalled. I mean, come on. Really? This does NOT help our end goal.

{Cue the Mars company…}

The rest of this post is hypothetical because we *aren’t* endorsing illegally purchasing innocent chocolate eggs that millions, nay, billions of people have enjoyed since 1972….

If you *happen* to have obtained KinderEggs for Easter, usually at a ridiculous price, you might want to check to see if it is on this list of recalls. I don’t know how you would go about getting a refund. The place I hypothetically illegally buy them from seems to not know they are illegal. They’re not hearing it from this chick. They’re my go-to at Christmas and Easter.

We will add this to the ever-growing pile of “once in a lifetime” events that seem to be the trend. Remember to share the petition and keep dreaming of Egg Freedom. #FreeTheEgg

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Ten Years!

Ten yeas ago today I decided it was time to fight for The Egg. Ten years! It’s been a great experience so far and I’m *hopeful* that we can make more progress in these next ten…if we need them…which I hope we don’t. Since we started this fight, we’ve been in blogs, local newspapers, The Wall Street Journal, Food Network Magazine, and even endorsed in an Ignite Seattle speech! We had a huge setback a few years ago. It started out as a great day: I opened my Food Network Magazine and found our petition listed in an article about the ban on The Egg. I just about passed out! I ran to the computer to see how many people this excellent surprise caused and discovered our petition hosting site was gone. Forever. No warning. Thousands of signatures gone. I, again, just about passed out.

But we regrouped, created a new petition and now have 5,256 signatures. Have you signed? Please do! Please share the link to the petition and let’s get this sucker sent out! If there is anything we need right now, it is something as delicious and frivolous as Kinder Eggs! Petition · Remove the ban on the Ferrero Kinder Surprise Egg · Change.org

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It’s Oh So Quiet

So….not much to report here. COVID has us living this weird life. When this is done, I plan on finding a Kinder Egg and eating it live on Facebook. A girl can dream, right?

Did the title of this blog post put a song in your head? It’s by Bjork that we used to torture our kids with listen to. On a flight to Iceland in 2000, I sat next to a man whose daughter was good friends with Bjork. He said she is just what you see – which I think is awesome. Bjork is nutty, fun, and a little off…like we all are. I’m sure she indulges in a Kinder Egg now and then. Unless she’s vegan? I don’t know.

There you have it, folks. My mid-COVID post of boredom and randomness. This too shall pass… #FreeTheEgg

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Contraband out in the open.

My husband and I were Christmas shopping back in November at a local outdoor mall. We went into one store that is known for its sweets. After looking for a bit, we discovered these beauties – Kinder Santas with toys inside! Totally illegal and totally on display! A Christmas Miracle! We bought five. {insert happy dance}

I immediately texted a picture to my best friend so she could go to get local store and get some. Alas, they had none.

I don’t know who supplied that store with the Santas of Awesome, but I hope they had an excellent Christmas.

Free the Egg wishes you all a wonderful 2020. Maybe this is the year our Beloved Egg is freed.

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Watch “Confessions of an International Smuggler”

A few weeks ago, I received a message from Angela Barrus.  She asked for information about our Free The Egg campaign for an upcoming speech.  We decided to that a phone call would the most efficient way to share information.  And what a phone call it was!  Angela is a gifted speaker, a fantastic conversationalist, and fun…so fun.  My husband now calls her my sister in Washington.  We spoke for a long time and could have spoken for hours more.  It’s not just the chocolate egg, people, this is a kindred spirit!  A Kindered spirit?  😀

So – the speech.  There is an event in Seattle called “Ignite Seattle”.  I love their tag line, “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”  From their site:

Ignite Seattle, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that uses the power of short-form storytelling to grow a thriving community centered on the exchange of diverse stories and challenging ideas. We are almost entirely volunteers and the majority of proceeds from tickets sales and sponsorships go directly into our events and related programming.

Our mission:

Provide a fun and supportive forum for sharing diverse ideas, hearing challenging stories, and building a community of curious and open minded people.

Use the power of storytelling as a tool for entertainment, education and to bring people together.

Teach our speakers and our audience the skills of storytelling and public speaking. All our speakers are offered professional speaker coaching and we teach public workshops open to all.

We are the 2nd largest open submission public speaking event in the Pacific Northwest, and 3 times a year we gather in the Great Hall at Town Hall Seattle, forming one of the livliest and most supportive audiences in the world to hear interesting people tell interesting stories.

The Ignite format: each speaker gets 20 slides, for 15 seconds each (for a total of 5 minutes), to share a story, teach a lesson or share a passion. It’s an evening of curated discovery and our format helps speakers to be concise, focused and engaged.

It’s not easy to make it onto the Ignite stage, but our Angela did it!  She did an excellent job sharing her hilarious story of when she almost smuggled Kinder Eggs into the USA.  Of course she didn’t know it was illegal because any sane person would find banning chocolate eggs to be stupid, insane, and ridiculous.

But don’t take my word for it.  Watch Angela yourself!  And, don’t forget, sign the petition to help #FreeTheEgg!

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Confessions of an International Smuggler

Mark your calendar!  Thursday, October 3rd, gather the family around the ol’ computer and watch as my new found kindred (or is it Kinder?) sister, Angela Barrus, shares her incredible – and hilarious! – experience smuggling Kinder Eggs into the US.  She’s such a criminal…

Angela’s 5 minute talk will be a part of “Ignite Seattle” (Ignite Seattle, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that uses the power of short-form storytelling to grow a thriving community centered on the exchange of diverse stories and challenging ideas. We are almost entirely volunteers and the majority of proceeds from tickets sales and sponsorships go directly into our events and related programming.).  

Click on this link to watch!  The talks begin at 7:30.  They saved the absolute best (Angela, of course!) for last!

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