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Support Free The Egg by purchasing one of the products listed below.  Please note that we are NOT in this to make money.  Every penny made (10% of sales) will go to printing and shipping the petition to Congress.  Every member of Congress will get one – that adds up.  If there is any money left, that money will be donated to ChildLight Foundation for Afghan Children.

Women’s Shirt

Men’s Shirt

Child’s Shirt

Morphing Coffee Mug – A truly unique mug. When it’s cold, it’s just a simple black mug. When you add any hot beverage (water, tea, coffee, etc.), your mug turns white and the image comes to life in vibrant colors. 11 oz. Hand wash only.

Bumper Sticker

Looking for another product?  Like a baby shirt?  Just choose one of the products above and look under the “Choose your style and color” option in the listing!

Commission Total (going solely to the printing and mailing of the petition) – as of 4/26/2010 – $30.50

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