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Please sign our petition to Free the Egg!  This is a NEW petition as the site that hosted our last one is no longer active.  We apologize for losing over 4,000 signatures.  We had no idea their site was closing.

We need a lot of signatures to make a real difference.  When we have collected enough, we will send a copy to each member of the leaders of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and to every member of Congress.  We had thought that the CPSC answered to Congress but they are actually not monitored…at least not by Congress.  Someone will have to take notice.  We’d send them each a Kinderegg, too, but then I’d end up in jail.  After all, it is contraband.  🙂

Our goal (for now) is 10,000 signatures.  Once we hit that, we’ll mail it out.  We WILL continue to collect signatures after that in case we don’t get the help we need from the CPSC.

119 responses to “Sign the Petition!

  1. Keep fighting the good fight! Chocolate patriots unite!

  2. Amy

    I want to share the gift of a KinderEgg to my family stateside!! Every kid and parent deserves a treat and chocolate!! 🙂

  3. Crystal McBride

    I saw this posted on Facebook, i have 3 children of my own and have never heard of Kinder Eggs. But honestly they sound amazing!! i would love to be able to give my children something that is not only fun to eat but also has something that they can play with. i hope that there are enough signatures to get this ban lifted.

    • Jodi

      They are I am a teen who saw them on the way to camp in canada (obviously i asked my dad to buy me one because i saw on the news about an illegal chocolate egg (the kinder surprise)) and i had to try one i have been buying them when i am up there to eat them a trip to niagara falls may be a good plan to let them try them.

  4. My daughter loves loves loves Kinder Eggs!! Every time we go to a German store that has them she begs for them! She loves the toys and the chocolate is very yummy too!!!

  5. Pat Stoewe

    Kinder eggs for all!

  6. I grew up in Germany and on Kinder Eggs.
    There is absolutely no danger in them but pure pleasure.
    Even my kids grew up on them and LOVE them. And the “surprise” inside the egg, the suppossely dangerous part, has always brough fun and laughter to my kids and me.

  7. stephanie

    This is the dumbest ban I have heard of. My kids would have these all the time when we lived in Europe. I will be sure to smuggle some in when I go to London this summer.

  8. Alexia Clark

    I grew up in the Air Force as well and enjoyed the kinder eggs for a long time. For a short while I was able to buy them in the U.S. for a short time until about 2007, when the British goods store I visited ran out of a 4+ year old stock of them! SAD!!!

  9. Jennie M.

    Hi Leslie

    Keep it up and the US government will start calling you the ” Egg sis of evil”.
    My kids are currently enjoying a Kinderüberraschungseier 🙂

    Happy Easter

  10. Merrie

    Banning the Kinderegg goes against the natural selection of the smartest. If kids eat the toy or the parents cant teach them not to eat the toy or if the parent doesn’t monitor their kid then I guess they will grow up bad anyway. SO give us the egg!

  11. Jessica D.

    i want to try it!!!!

  12. tammy

    free the eggs! I had some over 10 years ago and they were awesome!
    Let our voices be heard!

  13. Brendan

    i have never heard of kinder eggs before nor have i tasted them PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

  14. Joy

    My family and friends were stopped at the border for over an hour last summer because I didn’t know about the ban. My kids were so disappointed because I hadn’t let them eat it when I first bought them. FREE THE EGG! 🙂

    • Blog Operator

      You mean you actually thought a chocolate egg was safe for your kids?? What kind of mother are you? 🙂 I’d live to hear more of the story. Would you mind sending a write up on it? It would make a great blog post. Thanks! Free the egg!!

  15. M Ewing

    Free the Egg!
    These are such wonderful toys we used to get in Europe and in the States until a few years ago. Would be fun to have them back to purchase locally.

  16. Marcus

    Free the EGG! I discovered these while stationed in Germany in 80’s and 90’s! This is absolutely INSANE that we cannot have them in the United States! This is only one small thing I miss about Germany, but would bring it just that much closer.

  17. Marcus

    I posted this link on my facebook page 🙂

  18. My family and friends were stopped at the border for over an hour last summer because I didn’t know about the ban. My kids were so disappointed because I hadn’t let them eat it when I first bought them. FREE THE EGG!

    • Blog Operator

      I’d love to hear more details on your story. Did you receive any further letters? Bet you didn’t realize you were such a law breaker! 🙂 FREE THE EGG!

  19. Roberta Bombonato

    They are my daughter Sofia’s favourite treats!

  20. Valia Tabor

    I hope the Kinder Eggs can come back into America for the childrens’ enjoyment. We sure did love them when we lived in Germany!

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  23. Tara

    I miss the Kinder Eggs and can only hope that they would be sold here again soon… As for it being a choking hazard well lets really think about this kids choke on such things and cracker jacks, bread, crackers, hot dogs, etc it is up to the parents to be there and make sure that their kids are safe so in 1938 I guess they didn’t wanna keep an eye on their kids and that is what lead to the FDA to ban the kinder egg here in the US so that really makes you wonder why so many kids lived back in the day… any excuse to get rid of good stuff and let us eat the gross stuff come on give us back our Kinder Eggs.. And for all the people who have yet to try them oh they are awesome they will be your new favorite go to chocolate treat!!!

  24. Matt Gurany

    We want Kinder Eggs!!!

  25. Matt Gurany

    We want Kinder Eggs!!!!

  26. Annette Menard

    We want the German Kindereggs back.I’m from Germany and grew up with them.
    There’s plenty of toys in stores that are also choking hazards for kids.Kids choke on food but you don’t ban them do you?
    There’s no harm in the surprise.

  27. Allan Horrocks

    Come on, we want the eggs! If the Euros can handle them, so can we!


  28. James Bass

    Allow the sale of kinder eggs

  29. Rebecca

    We love the eggs!

  30. Jennifer Shelton

    My oldest son enjoyed these for many years while living in Germany. I recently wanted to purchase some and found out they are not available or allowed in the USA. I was shocked… Free the Egg!!!

  31. Ed Dahl

    Why not just ban them for kids like cigarettes. I gave my husband his very first Kinder Egg yesterday and he loved it. At 29 he’s smart enough not to swallow the toy and even put it together without the instructions.

  32. christine lopez

    I grew up the kinder eggs and I would love it if my kids could enjoy as well. I kept looking for them and never new they banned them. I am outraged and would love to get them again.

  33. JP

    Please keep up the fight to end this ridiculous law. Everyone in my family LOVES the eggs. They are (WERE) a special treat every year.

  34. daniel

    i want my egg!!

  35. Donna T

    When my son was stationed in Germany in the late 80’s-early 90’s he sent Kinder Eggs home for me and his little girl. We both loved them! WONDERFUL chocolate eggs and we still have the little toys that came inside. FREE THE KINDER EGG!

  36. Cheryl Obermiller

    I go to Germany several times a year and ALWAYS bring back Kindereggs. I thought my husband was kidding me when he read that I could have had them seized from my luggage, and been fined, as well. This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard! They are totally safe, and have much better toys than Cracker Jacks. FREE THE EGGS!!!

  37. John

    My wife went to Germany on business and brought those back for our daughter. They are a lot of fun and my daughter loved them!

  38. Ashley

    Its people like the mom who thought chocolate was a food group, that make all of us Americans look like real big idiots.

  39. Free the egg you diplomatic a******s!

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  42. marci

    The toy is not loosely imbedded in the chocolate, rather, it is contained inside a plastic egg. This is very similar to Cracker Jacks as the small parts are not simply floating around inside the egg. Should one bite into the chocolate, they would not swallow a small part of the toy. The plastic egg contained within is very difficult to open. Parents are responsible for their children and there are choking hazards everywhere. The US government has simply overstepped their authority here, completely taking away the right for individuals to chose products which are not illegal (such as narcotics). Further, they likely have not even done the research required to see how difficult it would be to choke on toy any toy parts when biting into the egg, as those parts are contained in plastic. Smarten up US…and allow people to have some choice. Your ban is completely ridiculous!

  43. planaria price

    Marci says it well. I just brought back 10 Kinder Eggs from Europe for my four year old grandson who adores them. Something makes no sense here. I can order 6,000 rounds of ammunition delivered to my home, but not Kinder Eggs. To protect our children from choking we really need to ban all non-edible products embedded in food like cherries, dates, olives, (pits), etc. fish and chicken (bones) and especially we must immediately ban Cracker Jacks from all baseball games. And, as we all know, the toy is in a plastic egg which is very difficult to open. Does any one know when this particular Kinder Egg ban began? I have been bringing them back for 30 years. And, WHY? Is there an American competitor lobbying? What else can we do to get rid of this stupid law…….while customs agents are searching for Kinder Eggs other banned substances flow in freely.


  44. Deborah Middleton

    Dear Consumer Protection Group,
    Um, can you watch out for the big stuff? Like things that give me cancer or that are inherently dangerous to more than 1% of the population? And let me worry about the smaller stuff I can control?

  45. Michaela

    I can’t really see the reason why the eggs aren’t allowed in the US anyways, no mother should be dumb enough to give her little kids a little toy like this anyway, they are collectible items. You can just as well choke on a grape, so, no more fruits allowed?

  46. berin

    I used to play with kinder eggs my whole childhood. Free the eggs. Every child should have the opportunity to play with a toy and enjoy the chocolate.

  47. Connor

    I want an egg!!!

  48. Hayden Holmes

    Free the egg!

  49. Kathy Mohr

    Dear Consumer Protection Group,
    I agree with all of the above to allow a fun treat for kids that last longer than just the snack. In the US we allow things that can kill us, cause health problems, and even some that are illegal most of the time but we are putting fines, bans, and detaining travelers for buying fun treat for kids. I think it is time the law is re-evaluated and focus be put onto higher priorities than chocolate eggs with treats inside.
    Dr. Kathy Mohr

  50. Denise Templeton

    Simply astounding: millions of pounds of cocaine enters illegally, probably daily, and the government “can’t” do anything about it but try to bring in a piece of candy with a toy inside….

  51. Nick F.

    Let’s legalize the egg. I vote yes for proposal “Egg”!

  52. Katie Fisher

    I lived In Germany when I was younger and loved kinder eggs. I then moved to the US and found a store that sold them I would get them occasionally and was a happy camper until they were banned! Now I can’t get a kinder egg which is my favorite candy ever! Free the egg!!!

  53. Maria Gil

    Free the egg!

  54. I live in Canada and these are delicious!, but very expensive! I am over in the states about 2-3 times a week, and I hope when the ban lifts, they’ll be cheaper than at home!

  55. Abby

    I want these in America!

  56. Heather Osborne

    Sorry im late on the deadline.

  57. Carol McMillan

    Just had a horrible experience getting my kinder eggs confiscated at Shannon Ireland. US border agents treated me like I was smuggling drugs. I did not know they were illegal. I in making them legal.

  58. Zachery Isca

    How do I sign?

  59. Jose Dieppa

    Dear Congress

    Our kids are smarter than German kids. Why are you making illegal the sale of Kinder Eggs?

  60. L Millhorn

    So, are you still collecting signatures? I NEED MY EGGS!

    • Blog Operator

      Yes, we are! If you go to our home page, there is a link for the petition. In fact, there is a link at the top of every page. Sign away! 🙂

  61. Omar Badillo

    I grew up eating kinder eggs and not once did i choke with the toy inside, i love them and i want my children to at least try one but they will become criminals for eating chocolate.

  62. Kristy

    I love these and since my last name is Egg, I feel as though it is good kharma to sign this and join you all in the quest to “free the egg”.

  63. Hope

    Free the kinder egg

  64. Just a quick comment the labeling on the Überraschung Ei it says ages 3+ up so of course commen sense little children shouldn’t eat it but older kids know what they can eat and what not to eat its just lousy excuses for the cpsc to keep it from actually legalizing it. It’s fun and exciting little treats for age appropriate children. I grew up on them I didn’t choke and die from it. Just let kids be kids and enjoy life.

  65. Erin Sutton

    The kinder egg is the ONLY thing I remember from my “childhood” It is the most amazing chocolate, with the greatest little toy. I grew up on these overseas, I wish that I could enjoy them once more, maybe bring back some of those memories, kind of like having a tree for Christmas, and smelling the warming smell of homemade cinnamon rolls, it’s a must have! The toys come inside the egg, inside of a plastic egg, if you are a parent unable to take that plastic egg away then maybe you shouldn’t be buying these. I never choked on the toys, and my dad usually took them and played with them when I was too little. Also, don’t punish us for other people’s stupidity, that’s like punishing chevy or ford for a drunk driver being stupid! Come on now, put the blame on the brain not the egg!
    My heart breaks whenever I get that mouth watering craving for a wonderful delectable Kinder Egg, and I realize I may NEVER get the opportunity to have that melt in your mouth sweetness again. My heart breaks even more when I think that my children will never get to experience the Kinder Egg joy, the tasting of the BEST chocolate in the WORLD topped off with the coolest little toy! We have come a long way from 1938 right? Why not “free the egg”? Why not allow American’s to experience something so joyous? Why not allow the most delicious fun treat EVER to come to the United States. I had a dream, a dream that all chocolate was treated equally, and I believe that we as a country have evolved SO MUCH, that we can make this happen! lol GIVE US KINDER EGGS GIVE US KINDER EGGS GIVE US KINDER EGGS!!!!!! Thank you ~ Erin

  66. Debbie Scotta

    Let me decide what candy to give my child. We never had an issue when we ate them when we lived in Europe.

  67. Please, please, please free the KinderEggs…….I have never had one, but they bring so much JOY to my grandchildren when they watch them being opened on YOUTUBE…..Parents should be monitoring their own children. Does the government really think that all parents actually pay attention to the “? age and above” on all of the toys at the local toy store!!!! Really!!! Thank you, Jeanne

  68. Suzanne

    My grandson loves watching the kinder eggs on You Tube . He has autism and he laughs,smiles while watching this. He went to the fridge hoping our eggs did that. I tried to find them every where but couldn’t. My mother is from Germany and remembered them. I went to store 3 weeks ago and found something similar called chocolate surprise eggs. I bought him a good amount. But still there not kinder eggs.

  69. Leslie Juarez

    I hate the fact that they’re only available in other countries. Every time I go to Mexico, I buy a box full of kinders, eat them in less than 10 minutes. Really wish I could enjoy them in CA.

  70. Anna

    Yummm and fun

  71. Keep on fighting ..I love those eggs

  72. maria

    i grow up with this little yummy eggs and its gifts inside..let them be free to come back to the States,and continued to give joy to our kids and grand kids too.

  73. Birgit

    I grew up with them in Germany

  74. Deaidra Knight

    My kid is in love with watching the kinder eggs on youtube and not to be able to share that is just sad legalize the Kinder Eggs.

  75. This kind of game gives a real experience of bfccdbfafbbffggb

  76. rodney

    Are you still collecting signatures? If I bring kinder eggs from canada in my luggage to the U.S.A, will they stop me?

    • Blog Operator

      Yes, we are still collecting. There is a link on the main page and in the links at the top of the homepage. 🙂 The eggs are still illegal. If they catch you bringing them in, you could be fined…isn’t that just ridiculous?

  77. Briana liswell

    I want one so bad

  78. Veronica

    Love kinder surprise eggs but I never had one

  79. Paola

    I’ve seen Kinder Eggs online and in Canada. No fair that the stupid US government banned the Kinder Egg! I wanna try a Kinder Egg! How do they taste??!!! I need to know!!!! Free the egg!!!!

  80. Devin Millar

    Seriously, they must have been stoned when banning this. They really NEED to legalize Kinder Eggs! This totally gives full proof that our government is truly insane. It truly is retarded that our government would ban an awesome candy. PLEASE LEGALIZE KINDER EGGS!!!

  81. Tanja

    I miss them so much we need to make them allowed

  82. Greg Goehring

    They can take our lives but they will never take our chocolate… rebelryy, rebelryy, rebelryy:)

  83. Lori

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FREE THE EGGS!!!!! We lived in Germany when my oldest daughter was little and we loved Kinder Surprise Eggs. We sent them to everyone we knew for Christmas and Easter and Birthday Gifts. Now my daughter is 21 and she still talks about them. My other two children have never had them and want them. My sister wants them for her daughter, etc…. We want our eggs. I am sure we as parents would not give our 1 year old a tiny toy to choke on. We are capable of taking care of our own kids. Get the Government out of our Nest. Let Go Of My Egg OOOO PLEASE.

  84. Sabine Ovesen

    I would really like to know why the Kinder Eggs are illegal to mail to the US. They have a choking hazzard warning inside with the surprise and the yellow case with lid are now attached together.
    This is the most childish law I have ever heard about. Start focusing on the real issues the nation is facing.

    • Blog Operator


    • Gisela

      Exactly my thoughts. Feels like anyone can sue at everything and anything. Every time I see things like this, it reminds me of the women, I believe was a female, that sued because her coffee was hot. I’m not sure but I think the people with this mentality are more of a hazard than these sweet chocolate eggs which brings so many nice memories and could create many more. It is not our fault that people can be careless or create an unnecessary danger. All toys are dangerous if you think about it.
      Can be psychological or physical but is up to smart people with common sense to know what to buy to their kids or what to supervise when their kids are playing. I’m 29 years old and I would love to buy those eggs again or even share it with my future kids. These eggs were the best holiday or occasional treats/rewards!!

  85. Sarah

    I feel it is my right to purchase such a simple thing if I choose! What a completely absurd and over-the-top ban! People are free to buy chemicals, alcohol, liquor, and porn but can’t buy a chocolate egg with a toy in it?? That’s ridiculous.

    • emma

      my grandparents friend who is a stewerdess for delta brought me a few of these back from germany and they were so good how the hell do they think that someone will choke on that toy? the yellow part is not small enough to swallow. shouldnt the govt spend its imaginary money on something more important than a piece of chocolate

  86. Samara Camilo

    Samara camilo
    garde 2
    Hi l am samara l wanted kinder egg and shopking please. FromDctc

  87. Lauren Hudson

    I used to love Nestles wonder balls. I miss them more than anything. And I always wanted a kinder egg but I’ve never gotten the chance. This food ban is stupid. I want my children to be able to experience the magic of breaking open chocolate and finding a surprise hidden inside for them!!

  88. I want to bring kinder eggs back to I like them to

  89. Dolena Jarvis

    My favorite childhood memory.

  90. Molly Johnson

    This ban is rediculous, and being fined for bringing a children’s product into the usa is ludicrous.

  91. Shellee lavin

    This ban is ridiculous

  92. Elizabeth McClaine

    My kids watch the videos on youtube. They jus candy and a toy!!!!!!!!!

  93. Ranim

    Banning kinder eggs is completely unnecessary! Even if a child were to bite into the egg, not knowing there was a toy inside, they would chomp on the capsule that has the toys inside. If the kid were to somehow swallow that capsule then it should be the parents faults for not monitoring their kids.

  94. Last night, as I was preparing fruit for my toddlers… there were SEEDS inside.. the horror… (thats a joke by the way) Anyhow – if we as parents can keep our children eating fruit, I think we can handle Kinder Eggs here in the states. This ban is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of!

  95. I LOVE kinder eggs! They bring back memories of being in India again……I only get them when my dad goes to India

  96. Dominique Joy

    We want kinder surprise eggs !!

  97. Max

    I support allowing the sale of Kinder Eggs in the US.

  98. Jacqualine meraz

    I saw kinder eggs for the first time when I was on a trip on Europe. I thought they were amazing and was later shocked to find out they were illegal in the US. I have kids and would love for them to experience the wonder of kinder eggs.

  99. I grew up with Kinder Eggs, and so did my kids. After moving to the U.S., I couldn’t believe that they are illegal here. There are other chocolate eggs and balls filled with a toy, so I don’t see a reason not to legalize them.

  100. devin Tomlinson

    Let’s face it this was caught by accident and shouldn’t be illegal

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